How does Time4Goals work


We have designed an overall system whose interface is a beautiful mobile app acting as a daily coach for our customers. The app itself acts as a platform allowing you to develop your very own objectives and targets.

This is all supported by underlying systems and processes that uses gamification science to encourage and incentivise you to stay on the path and little by little start accomplishing the things that are most important to you.

The system works through daily reminders on your smartphone and an underlying system tracking activities, and engagement which updates your personal progress page. Although your interface with the system appears simple, there is a sophisticated underlying system designed to encourage and motivate you. Additionally, there is a web-based system that assists you (if required) in the setting of your personal goals and related activities. This is automatically updated to the mobile app allowing your weekly planning to be quick, easy and effective.

Other features include:Screenshot 2015-12-24 12.57.26

  • Motivational pictures (your own or available on the site)
  • Examples of goals and activities divided into 9 categories
  • System enhanced by gamification science and behavioral psychology
  • Total flexibility as to what goals you decide to set and monitor
  • Advisory section to assist you in meeting your challenges
  • Tracking of your progress against different types of goals 
  • Reminders if you are falling behind your plans
  • Ability to input recurring activities
  • A reward system based on behavioral psychology designed to create positive habits
  • Ability to communicate your goals with others (if desired)
  • Big data input from the user population showing success patterns (compared to your own)
  • Special packages for life coaches who wish to use the system with the
    ir clients (with their own branding)
  • Corporate packages for organisations wishing to support their employees in achieving their personal goals



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