Which type of resolutions are you most likely to keep?

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Dan Ariely, is a well-known behavioural psychologist and author. Books like Predictably Irrational explore how humans are far from the rational. in his WSJ column, he was asked which new year resolutions are we more likely to keep. This was his reply .....

Probably vows like, “Drink more and better wine.” More seriously, the resolutions that are most likely to work guard us from feeling like failures. When we set up a rigid goal and miss, we are likely to tell ourselves, “I failed, so what the hell—now I can go wild.” On the other hand, when a single failure is just a minor disappointment rather than a badge of shame, we can dig in and keep trying. So this year, plan your resolutions with some appreciation of the likelihood that you’ll occasionally fall short.

Good advice for those developing personal goals this year - set yourself up for success, not failure.
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