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The blog section will capture articles, tips and tools to help our customers achieve their goals. They will take one of the following forms:

  • Articles on goal setting and achievement
  • Tips (short articles)
  • Templates for specific goals (to get you fast-tracked on a goal)
  • Success stories


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Latest blogs

The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

We have come across this really neat journal aimed at helping you focus, but more importantly increase your levels of happiness!

Although this is in no way a replacement for the forthcoming Time4Goals app, we love this product.

"The 5 minute journal" - a happier you in 5 minutes a day - is a great way to start and end your day.

It will make a difference to your life - or the life of someone you gift it to.



There is a cheaper jpurnal called The Blokehead 5 Minute Journal - although it is not as nice looking and does not have the quotes.


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You don’t have to wait

Why wait until you retire, or until you have "enough money" before starting the important things in your life?

When Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google announced his retirement last year he explained it was to spend more time with his family. He then went on and explained his rationale in a little more depth on his Google + page (see below for the transcript).

I think it commendable that he did this. Many people have a tendency to put off things until they are "financially prepared". Pichette, although clearly not short of money, could easily have continued dedicating himself to Google and put off retirement for later. And its funny how "enough money" in absolute terms means different things to different people. But in relative terms, it is often between 30% and 50% more than we currently have - and so chasing it is like trying to get to the (ever-shifting) end of the rainbow.

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Bring your dreams to reality


It is often TOUGH trying to achieve our personal goals ... those things we really want, those things we are deeply passionate about, those things for which we would like to be remembered ....

But it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve them if we do not at least dream them, set them and start taking action!


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Create the life you really want


Mike Robbins, writing on Oprah’s blog, explains why it's important to set goals with intention and how to go about it.

Time4Goals: the app that changes lives. How does it work.
Time4Goals: the app that changes lives. How does it work.

In a brief summary, the advice is: in order to be motivated by your own goals, you must recognise the difference between intention, goals and actions. Be clear which is which and have all elements in place. There is an excellent example of how these three work together at the end of the article.

Time4Goals incorporates this thinking into our system. Do not forget that if you want access to the Time4Goals app when it is produced, pledge at our crowd-funding campaign now.


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Achieving personal success – a lesson from business strategy


I recently finished an excellent business book called "Playing to win: how strategy really works". The author, Martin Roger breaks down building a successful business strategy into a number of key steps:

  • Set your aspirationPlaying to win
  • Decide where you are going to play
  • Decide how you are going to win
  • Work out what capabilities you need
  • Implement management systems to track progress and guide.

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Writing down your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them.

One of the methods we are building in Time4Goals involves encouraging our users to “write out” their goals every day (write / type / text / etc), as it has an impressive impact on the probability of achieving those goals. There are three versions:

  • Writing out the goal itself (eg “I want to be financially independent”)
  • Writing out the fact and using the key word: “yet” (eg “I am not yet financially independent.”)
  • Writing out the vision (eg “I am financially independent”)

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How to stay focused on long-term goals

This article was originally published at the excellent website We agree with all the key points mentioned and therefore decided to share the article on our blog too.
If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.– Albert Einstein

Many scientific researchers work day in, day out to pursue goals that will take years, decades, or even generations to achieve. Their progress is often painstakingly slow, they likely receive little feedback, and they know that success isn't guaranteed.

However, despite the odds, they find enough meaning and motivation to keep working towards their objectives. Because of their long-term focus, we've all benefited from life-saving advances in areas such as vaccination, CT scanning, antibiotic development – and very many others.

It's clear that people who maintain focus on long-term goals can achieve much bigger things than those who jump from idea to idea, or those who give up after the slightest setback. So, how can you keep focus on long-term goals, especially when you have to contend with everyday distractions and other urgent tasks?

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Using the power of affirmations

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the power of writing down your goals every day. So when I came across this well written article on the power of affirmations by Chris Jones of the Huffington Post, I thought it worth republishing in Time4Goals blog. Having recently seen the latest Star Wars movie, it made me think that in a funny way, Yoda was right - the force is with you - its called positive affirmation.


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Make it happen in 2016

Working on next blog ....