The Five Minute Journal

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The Five Minute Journal We have come across this really neat journal aimed at helping you focus, but more importantly increase your levels of happiness! Although this is in no way a replacement for the forthcoming Time4Goals app, we love this product. “The 5 minute journal” – a happier you in 5 minutes a day […]

Achieving personal success – a lesson from business strategy

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  I recently finished an excellent business book called “Playing to win: how strategy really works”. The author, Martin Roger breaks down building a successful business strategy into a number of key steps: Set your aspiration Decide where you are going to play Decide how you are going to win Work out what capabilities you […]


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The blog section will capture articles, tips and tools to help our customers achieve their goals. They will take one of the following forms: Articles on goal setting and achievement Tips (short articles) Templates for specific goals (to get you fast-tracked on a goal) Success stories   If you would like to get notified when […]