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The basic Time-4-Goals steps

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Put aside 10 minutes every morning. Find a quiet place to sit with a notebook and paper. ( or use spreadsheet at

  • Think about your long-term life goals (even if they are a vague idea rather than a clear list)
    • It is useful to have written them down – but not essential
    • See training module on Setting Life Goals.
  • Consider 4 activities that meet the following criteria
    • An activity that will progress you (no matter how limited the progress) towards achieving one of the goals.
    • An activity that is achievable today (if too big, break it down into smaller steps and pick one of them)
    • An activity you probably would not have done today in the normal course of events
  • Write the activities down and categorise them (list of categories below). If you are struggling to get the list down to 4, then simply list them all and pick the top 4 (or a random selection).
  • Plan to do them eg set (enough) time aside in your agenda.
  • Think about your previous day’s 4 goals
    • Did you complete them?
    • Why or why not?
    • How do you feel about your success or non-completion
    • What can you learn from this?
  • When the time comes, focus purely on that task.
  • When completed, reward yourself with something that gives you pleasure; like a cup of coffee.



Here is a suggested list of categories for life-goals.

R: Relationships (including family)

H: Health

C: Career

S: Spiritual

F: Financial

PD: Personal development

SR: Social responsibility

K: Kickback, take it easy