Time4Goals - underlying philosophy


You are ambitious. You have goals. You want to succeed.


But are you truly making progress towards achieving your life goals? Every day?

We are swamped by meetings, calls, interruptions ...  most of which do not take us one inch closer to achieving “success”. Why do so many people become successful on other people's terms (their job) but do not manage to do the things that will really move them towards their own definition of personal success? Research has shown that it is mainly a question of prioritisation and focus.

London Business School has done some research into what they call “Hurry Sickness” which turns out to be a perfect example of the problem that Time4Goals is trying to resolve - see video below,

We decided that it is time that we did something about this problem and help thousands of people around the world to start achieving their own personal goals. We want to help them make the impact on the world that they desire. That could be as close to home as spending more quality time with their family or as broad as helping people in need in developing economies. We want people going to bed knowing that the world is a better place for the efforts they have made that day.

We looked at the thousands of productivity tools available, we studied behavioural psychology, we reviewed the new capabilities offered to us by technology and came up with a unique system that will help our customers to break the negative habits of old and develop new ones that will move them towards achieving their own definition of success.

We have designed an overall system whose interface is a beautiful mobile app acting as a daily coach for our customers. The app itself is a platform allowing you to develop your very own objectives and targets. This is all supported by underlying systems and processes that uses gamification science to encourage and incentivise you to stay on the path and little by little start accomplishing this things that are most important to you.


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If you are ready to change your life and start making progress to achieving your life goals, fill in the details below and download the beta version of the app now!




London Business School's "Hurry Sickness" video




Want to know what the app looks like?

Here we have a dynamic prototype aimed to give you a "feel"for how the app works.
Note that it generally works only in portrait formats on most tabets.

Some buttons are "clickable" to move to other pages. One can slide certain images as well to reveal others. This is not a fully functional application, but simply a prototype to give you a better feeling as to what some elements of the mobile app interface to the system may look like. Note, depending on the speed of your band-width, you may need to give it a minute or two to load before you will see the image appearing on the mobile device.