Writing down your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them.

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One of the methods we are building in Time4Goals involves encouraging our users to “write out” their goals every day (write / type / text / etc), as it has an impressive impact on the probability of achieving those goals. There are three versions:

  • Writing out the goal itself (eg “I want to be financially independent”)
  • Writing out the fact and using the key word: “yet” (eg “I am not yet financially independent.”)
  • Writing out the vision (eg “I am financially independent”)

We believe all three methods have power and in fact will be testing them as we roll-out the system and start to test different methodologies with different users. Our intention is to use quantitative results to test assumptions and hypotheses – and then build the results into the underlying product.

writing-goalsPutting aside books like “The Goal”, there is scientific evidence around why this type of activity does increase people’s chance of goal achievement, including a report by University of Toronto professor: Jordan Peterson who conducted research with 700 students and produced strong evidence of the efficacy of writing out aspirations – which he called self-authoring.

Beyond the science, there is also some basic rationale (call it common sense) that explains why this may work; that is: if you are aware of a certain issue, you become more attuned to it. For instance, if you are determined to start your own business, you will have a mind-set that sees opportunities that others do not; or at a more banal level, any pregnant mother will tell you how many more pregnant women she sees .

Our advice: start writing out those key goals ,every day in whatever form you choose. However, we know that creating this type of habit is really difficult, which is why we have created Time4Goals that is designed to start building positive habits that will help you achieve your personal goals. The product has been designed and we are crowd-funding to allow us to undertake the programming and roll-out of the system. There are great rewards to those who pledge including getting access to the system (both beta and final) when it is produced in 2016.

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